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Who is Peter Horník?  (foto)  And why is he the “ Master of snow? “ Let the results speak for themselves.

Selling machinery and snowmaking technology for ski resorts since 1998.

Snowsystems ( Gemini, Sufag ) exclusive representataion. Gemini snowsystems leaflet (photo)
Piste caterpillars ( Bombardier, Leitner, Prinoth) exclusive representataion. Snowcat Prinoth (photo)
Ski lifts technology. Snowcastle, my own idea, building made of snow. Original know-how. snowcastle, projects leaflet (photo)

I became an exclusive sellers representative mainly thank´s to my good language knowledge. I was living in Austria since 1989 and regularly visiting Sibir and Irkutsk. I was traveling a lot through Kavkaz, Baikal, Mongolia, Venezuela, Alps, Slovakia and Czech republic. It was fun to explore the connection between the far away lands. I was fascinated by the snow technology and when i came across this industry, I felt like it was not very far from my original occupation as ranger. It had the same qualities: the woods, fresh air and the fine old woodlanders I loved. Many things could by done only based on a handshake, trust and a man´s word. It was necessary to pay each skiresort a visit everytime, when I needed to make a bussiness plan. I had to come up with a new approach, get to know the staff working there, introduce myself, make a connection. Than bring the customers right to the piste, sometimes even at night… set up a snowcannon and demonstrate how it works. It was a tough job to sell a piece of technology. Therefore I needed to deserve the trust first. So a few times during winter I had to organise a promotion of machinery and technology of snowsystems in Alps or at home,( Vrátna, Tatry, Zuberec, Jasná, alebo Zell am See, Sterzing, passo Stelvio, Grenoble…)  to kick start the sales. Salto Angel waterfall 986m, Venezuela (photo) , Uzbekistan-Samarkand (photo)