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Snow castle

Snow castle is a building made of snow in almost real size. The usual scale is 1: 2,5 . With up to 50m long walls. Height up to 16m, circuit of the castle around 200m, features tunnels, stairs, halls, patio, parlour, starwing tower, bastion and high tower all completely visitor friendly, for up to 100 guests at once. The castle is hardened with wooden parts and topped by fancy ice sculptures, embossements and unique contemporary features. On top of its beauty the snow castle aslo provides all kinds of fun activities and attractions for children and adults. For example a 75m long snowrafting slide, 80m long rope gliding adventure, minizoo and lots more. The snow castle is a one of a kind sight with living, fun, interactive and highly original character.

You can also experience a contemporary castle celebration party with theatre, live music, knights duels or fire show. The builder of this unique castle is a proud holder of 3 Slovak, 2 Czech and 1 Polish record in snowbuilding. He´s been using his own know-how since 2000, realizing his projects as the only one in central Europe. A castle big enough is guaranteed to intrest media, promote one locality widely and attract attention. That´s great for tourism industry.

The success of the event in Harrachov in 2010 was documented and spread wide by Reuters information agency.

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