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ZS – Snowmaking systems: (snow guns, cannons and snow showers, piste caterpillars )
LDZ – Ski lift systems , Snow castle building

Year Q Material/system Ski resort and country Country
1998 11 ZS VOLEN Moscow RUS
1998 2 SPV DSS Sport Group, St. Peterbourg RUS
As a fresh negotiant for a Canadian giant Bombardier (with europian house based in Insbruck) in the division of piste caterpillars and at that time small snowmaking company Gemini in Australia. On my way from Sibir I´ve had the chance to visit a newborn skiresort near Moscow and Petersburg in Russia. Things went well and after only two monthsafter a nice and long evening spent with the skiresorts owners I was pleased to find out there was a 100 000 shilling payment assigned to my australian bank account. From Russia. No contact, no refference, no invoice. Just one phonecall, that was all it took to make bussiness, back then it was customary and considered normal and usual. This was standard practice. I knew I had to send them immaculate and perfect goods, or back comes the bullet… that was a part of that standard practice… back then. Piste caterpillar Bombardier (photo), Snow shower GEMINI (photo)
1999 1 SPV Šachtičky, B Bystrica SK
First careful sale of snow grooming machinery in Slovakia, that already older caterpillarorked happily for another 15 years
1999 2 SPV Volen, Moscow RUS
Clients from Russia were very satisfied.
1999 1 ZS T.J, Sedloňov CZ
Liked to travel to Czech republic, I had a nice colleague who sold lubricants for my machines.
1999 1 SPV DSS Sport Group, St. Peterbourg RUS
Clients from Russia were very satisfied.
2000 1 ZS JASED, Jasenská Dolina SK
First careful sale of a snow shower in Slovakia, I´m pleased to say that it still makes snow there.
2000 1 ZS LUBRICANT s.r.o., Plzeň CZ
2000 1 ZS PIZAR, Jizery CZ
I found my first longterm bussiness partner in Czech republic.
2000 1 ZS PEZINSKÁ BABA, Pezinok SK
This client was looking for a snowcannon for a long time. It had to be good and strong enough to make snow near Danube river. Reference J.SEBO (photo)
2000 1 SPV SKI LIFT, B. Bystrica SK
2000 1 ZS SKI LIFT, B. Bystrica SK
First longterm client in Slovakia, first bruise on tne rivals sole trade monopoly.
2000 1 SPV DSS Sport Group, St. Peterbourgh RUS
Making bussiness with Russia went excellent, they accepted fair price immediately and payed for the goods in advance.
2000 1 SPV VALIGA, Žiar n. Hronom SK
2001 1 Snowcastle Mlynky. My own yard SK
The original new millenium celebration took place in my guesthouse garden, where out of a huge pile of snow, with help of friends, the first snowcastle was built. The day after we had castle conquest games and lot´s of fun. Welcome New Year.
2001 1 SPV KOVOPLAST, Košice SK
2001 1 ZS KOVOPLAST, Košice SK
The start of selling snowcats in Slovakia looked good, the snowcats : “bombiky“ were very good , simple and stabile machines at a reasonable selling price, wit a superb snow cutter. But Euro took us by surprise , by the rate of: 0,84 for a Dollar, new machines were unsellable in Europe. On top of that the twins fell and the followinf crisis forced the giant Bombardier to invest in aircraft division and sell the caterpillar production company in the US.
2001 8 ZS SKI AREAL, Harrachov CZ
I had a feeling straight away, that this is going to be one of my best clients. Snowsystem Harrachove (photo)
2001 4 ZS PIZAR, Jizery CZ
This clients are very happy with our goods.
2001 1 SPV T.J. MIER RAJEC, Čičmany SK
I had no time to worry about the Bombardier´s bad news, in less than 24hours a fax from Leitner came, they needed to expand fast.
2001 1 SPV GEREX, Snina SK
I was traveling a lot, my clients had to travel with me. We were going up and down to Austria not only to take a look at the machines on display, but also to see the new and growing Ski resorts and check out the ski turism of modern age. Ski riggers meeting in IT (photo)
2001 1 ZS SKI AREAL JEŠTĚD, Liberec CZ
2001 1 ZS SKI LIFT, B. Bystrica SK
I as traveling a lot, out of 10 skiresorts I´ve visited in CZ and SK maybe one showed intrest, than I had to take them to Alps and convince the client with a real snow demonstration, that our snowsystems realy are worth it. My rivals were treating me with a smile.
2001 1 SPV DSS Sport Group, St. Peterbourg RUS
My travel costs were taken care of by the russian clients, they were selling my cats with profit.
2002 1 SPV Ski Čertov, Púchov SK
Leitner and Prinoth fusion. Neighbour companies from South Tirol. Prices were good, quality even better. I ´m gaining now knowledge, contacts and confidence. Now we fly with clients to France. France is proffesional and hospitable. The tourist industry grows. Snowcat testing on glacier (foto), snowcat testing on glacier 2 (photo)
2002 7 ZS Ski Čertov, Púchov SK
2002 2 ZS TRANSUNIT, Bardejov SK
2002 1 SPV T.J. MIER RAJEC, Čičmany SK
2002 1 ZS SKI LIFT, B. Bystrica SK
 Finally I can see biger sales at home, in the ski resorts they know me well now, even in Austria. High riggers and ski lift workers society is fun, loyal and social. Just like woodlanders.
2002 2 SPV DSS Sport Group, St. Peterbourg RUS
2002 3 ZS DSS Sport Group, St. Peterbourg RUS
Bombardiers are a huge success in Russia, so much so, they take over the market directly. This was only a matter o f time, I have a lot on my hands now anyway.
2002 1 ZS SKI ALPIN CLUB, Angarsk RUS
Finally I ´m in Mongolia and Baikal again, this time by car. 21 000 km. On my way I found a new client. I like Baikal.
2002 1 ZS SKI AREAL JEŠTĚD, Liberec CZ
2002 2 ZS KOVOPLAST, Košice SK
This was a good year for my snowbussiness, I closed the guesthouse in Slovak paradise to concentrate on snowworks fulltime and I´ve hired a few people. Staff (photo)
2003 1 SPV Ski-park Vyšné Ružbachy SK
2003 1 ZS Ski-park Vyšné Ružbachy SK
2003 4 ZS ALPINA Zuberec SK
2003 5 ZS TATRAWEST Zuberec SK
I´m beeing accepted by bigger ski resorts now and my rivals don´t treat me with a smile anymore. Tatrawest´s review on our snowcat (photo)Review: we are simply satisfied. When we compare costs and output , the total value is perfect and much better than in other resorts. Stanislav Antolak one of the owners.
2003 1 SPV Transunit Bardejov SK
2003 1 SPV Obecný úrad Nálepkovo SK
2003 4 ZS Obecný úrad Nálepkovo SK
2003 1 SZ JASED SK
2003 8 ZS T.J. Mier, Čičmany SK
2003 1 ZS STIV Čertovica SK
2003 7 ZS L.K. BABA Pezinok SK
 Taking care of clients is worth it, they come back and even recommed us to friends and colleagues.
2003 4 ZS Skalky s.r.o. SK
2003 2 SPV Alpindustria Moskva RUS
2003 2 ZS S.A. Ještěd, Liberec CZ
2003 1 ZS Velké Karlovice CZ
2003 1 SPV SÚZ Levoča SK
2003 2 ZS Krustav Trenč. Teplice SK
2003 1 SPV Ski „7“, Zakamenné SK
I don´t even know how a year pased by, I´m taking orders, making deliveries, taking care of snowmaking bussiness even over Christmas and New Year. Slovakia and Czech Republic are experiencing a snow boom.
2004 1 Snowcastle Spišská Nová Ves SK
My second snowcastle building and a first Slovak record. The big fame brought nothing.
2004 1 ZS TATRAWEST s.r.o. Zuberec SK
2004 1 ZS Alpina s.r.o. Zuberec SK
2004 1 ZS Transunit, Bardejov SK
2004 2 SPV Ski Turecká B.Bystrica SK
2004 2km ZS S.A.JEŠTĚD, Liberec, plneautomatický systém CZ
2004 2 ZS Sportovní Areál Harrachov a.s. CZ
2004 1 SPV Tatrawest s.r.o. Zuberec SK
It´s all working on it own. I have new big clients to take care of.
2004 3 SZ Elbrus-sport A.N.O. Terskol, Prielbrusie RUS
2004 1 SPV Elbrus-sport A.N.O. Terskol, Prielbrusie RUS
2004 1 LDZ Elbrus-sport A.N.O. Terskol, Prielbrusie RUS
My summer visit to Kavkaz, Krasnaja poljana near Sochi, Dombai and Elbrus. But the old man Elbrus did not let me go all the way up to the top..the weather here can change dramatically, but 4700 m are still enough… Kavkaz – view from Elbrus (photo)
2004 1 SPV SNOWFIN Čadca SK
In our bussiness a new trend is becoming popular . Orders were made by people who purchased with no intention to pay.
2004 1 SPV Stadreko, Nižná na Orave SK
2004 2 ZS Ski Lift Králiky s.r.o. B. Bystrica SK
2004 10 ZS+ Omnitrade a.s., Vrátna – Terchová SK
In Vratna  the nature preservationists were barely willing to sign the papers for building a snowsystem chain on the piste and they did not allow the lihts to be installed. But Gemini knows how to make it two in one  and add reflectors directly on top of the snow showers. It worked… 🙂 GEMNIN LUX – Snow shower with light (photo)
2005 1 SPV T.J. Straník, Teplička n.Váhom, SK
2005 1 SPV SÚZ Levoča SK
2005 1 SPV SKI Čertov , Púchov SK
2005 20 ZS L.A.STOH, Špindlerov Mlyn CZ
I really had no time to take orders from CZ , but this client insisted on snowsystems from Gemini only. The piste was 1000m long and 500m steep. Like a roof! Snowsystem chain in – Špindlerův Mlyn (photo)
2005 1 SPV Omnitrade a.s., Vrátna – Terchová SK
2005 1 SPV Sportcentrum Liptovský Ján SK
2005 1 SPV L.S. Horná Ves SK
2005 2 ZS L.S. Stred Európy Krahule SK
2005 1 ZS L.S. Čertovica SK
2005 3 ZS Sportovní Areal Harrachov a.s. CZ
The exclusive Cz partner I´m working with is Harrachov. It´s more than just bussiness it´s friendship.
2005 1 SPV L.S. Stred Európy Krahule SK
2006 1 SPV L.S. Šachtičky a.s. SK
2006 1 SPV Mižgorie UA
I´m excited about expanding to Ukraine, big country with nice mountains just behind the border.
2006 1 SPV O.L.Smolník SK
2006 2 SPV Slovak Invest co Malá Lučivná SK
2006 2 SPV SkiCentrum Zapač, Lipt. Porúbka SK
2006 1 SPV Skalky s.r.o. Kremnica SK
2006 12 ZS L.A. Harrachov a.s. CZ
2006 1 SPV Omnitrade a.s. Vrátna SK
2006 1 SPV the Alpine Ski Center Moskva RU
2006 1 SPV Meanderpark Oravice SK
2006 1 ZS SkiCentre Levoča SK
2006 1 SPV Tatrawest Zuberec- Spálená SK
Three new and expensive machines sold in one month. Snowcat Prinoth Everest (photo)
2006 4 ZS L.S. Šachtičky a.s. SK
2006 1 SPV Šport Centrum Hradisko SK
2006 1 SPV G.C. Čerkassy, Kiev UA
2006 1 SPV L.C. Mižgiria UA
2006 1 SPV Sanatorium „Kvitka“ Poloniny UA
Ukrainian clients easy and fast to work with. Just like in Russia bussiness goes well without long thinking, payments made in advance. We are in, to win a huge job offer. The order is 50km of fullyautomatic snowmaking system in Buhovel. We need to demonstrate our technology and the plan looks unbelievable… Snowsystem Bukovel (photo)
2006 1 SPV Lyž. Str. „Havrania“ Zázrivá SK
2006 1 ZS L.S. Krahule SK
The year 2006 was the best so far. We sold many snowcats and snowsystems as well. Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech markets are busy. We have new machines. In Slovakia we have covered half of the demand. While our rivals go mad.. we are waiting to hear back from Bukovel. Snowcat selling statistics (phfoto)
2007 1 SPV L.S. Litmanová SK
2007 1 ZS SkiPark Vyšné ružbachy SK
2007 1 SPV Skipark Inovec, Trenčín SK
2007 1 SPV Sanatorium „Poljiana“ Poloniny UA
2007 1 SPV ZENIT s.r.o. Dolný Kubín SK
2007 1 SPV SkiCentrum Banská Štiavnica SK
2007 2 ZS Transunit Bardejov / Regetovka SK
2007 4 ZS Meander – Skipark Oravice SK
2007 1 SPV Skicentrum KĹAK, Fačkovské Sedlo SK
2007 1 SPV Ski centrum Hriňová SK
2007 1 ZS Ski centrum Drienica, Sabinov SK
2007 1 SPV OOO SIRIUS, Čerkassy UA
Year 2007 wasn´t bad. Three new machines, one of them my favourite Bombi but under new brand name. Canada took over the south Tirol company. Unbelievable, I was at the headoffice in Sterzing when it happened. In the evening it was news and  the next morning it was true. New staff from USA and Canada ready to roll in their new shirts , vests and hats with Prinoth´s insignia. Wau.!  Snowcat Prinoth Bison (photo)
On top of that Bukovel job did not work out, due to an unfair below costs rival´s offer. What a shame.!!
2008 11 ZS L.A. Harrachov a.s. CZ
1.2.2008 SPV Afresh a.s Vitanová SK
2008 1 SPV Tatrarekrea s.r.o.,Svit, Lopušná Dolina SK
2008 1,5 km ZS Orava Snow, Oravská Lesná SK
Things are wrong. The crisis began and my employees went behind my back to pull the carpet from under my feet. I was let down by my own people. They say a good man usally goes down by the help of three things: alcohol, money or women. Prinoth stoped oranizing selling exhibitions.
2009 10 ZS L.A. Harrachov a.s. CZ
2009 1 km ZS Ski Lift Králiky, B.Bystrica SK
2009 1 SPV Ski Lift Králiky, B.Bystrica SK
2009 6 ZS SkiCentre Levoča SK
A year in crisis. Only our longterm clients can afford to buy. Small resorts struggle.
2010 1 Snowcastle L.A. Harrachov a.s. CZ
2010 40 ZS L.A. Harrachov a.s. CZ
2010 11 ZS Obří Sud Javorník, Jeřmanice CZ
2010 2 km ZS Orava Snow, Oravská Lesná SK
2010 2 ZS Ski Makovica, Bardejov SK
2010 2 ZS GAJUZ Oščadnica. SK
Gemini and Sufag fusion. No sales of Caterpillars at all. Ukraine is deep in political problems. We only work on preordered projects and for friends. Building a snowcastle in Harrachov was a big success and big show. That amazing building broke the czech records. Interview for Reuters. Snowcastle Harrachov (photo), snowcastle Harrachov 2 (photo)
2011 2,5km ZS Meander – Skipark Oravice SK
Skiresorts buy snowshowers instead of snowguns and cannons now. There is a need to lower the costs of snowmaking due to economical pressure.
2011 2 ZS Mesto Kremnica SK
2011 2 ZS Ski/sun Makovica Nižná Polianka SK
2011 1 SPV SKI Rittenberg SK
2011 2 ZS Ski/sun Makovica Nižná Polianka SK
2011 8 ZS
2011 2 ZS Maka+Kowal Zakopane PL
Poland new resorts are built very fast but bussiness is going very slow for me. Their market is well taken care of by the locals. My best friend Jano died in an accident in Alps. Trip to Alps – (photo1), Trip to Alps (photo2), Trip to Alps (photo3), Trip to Alps (photo4)
2012 2 ZS ICE CAMP Donovaly SK
2012 1 ZS STIV Čertovica SK
2012 1 ZS PIZAR, Jizery CZ
2012 8 ZS Bergbahnen Stuhleck, Spital am Semmering AT
2012 1 Snowcastle Mlynky SK
My childhood dream came true, I took over the Skiresort in Mlynky. At home.. my aim was to attract tourists back to Slovak Pardise. I was commited and passionate about this project. First winter holidays were excellent. The end of the season was a little weaker. Huge temperature drop caused very low intrest in skiing among tourists. The market is open, we can sell to Austria now. Map of Skiresort Mlynky – Dedinky (photo)
2013 2 ZS GAJUZ Oščadnica. SK
2013 1 ZS Ski centrum Drienica, Sabinov SK
2013 1 Snowcastle Mlynky SK
This winter´s sales were low, but Skiresort Mlynky was doing good. Lots of snow, long season, huge snowcastle and on top of all that an Ice castle! Big success. Even media are fighting over us. The castle celebration is the event of the year in this area. I took a trip to Venezuela´s mountains. Waterfall of Salto Angel (986 m)- Venezuela (photo)
2013 20 ZS L.A. Harrachov a.s. CZ
2013 1 Snowcastle Mlynky SK
Disasterous winter , no snow : no people. Although we kept the skiresort open and running for the season, nobody seemed to be intrested in skiing. Even the castle was no help at all. My sales were in red numbers too. Only a help from a good friend helped me to survive.
2014 5 ZS PIZAR, Jizery CZ
2014 1 ZS Lyžiarska škola Harrachov CZ
2014 2 ZS Gostinica Zatysok Svaljava UA
2014 1 Snowcastle Zakopane PL

My dream about Mlynky skiresort fell apart, there is no point making bussiness here. I have to move on. My next stop is Zakopane in Poland. The building of a huge castle was an excellent move, extra big success. I´m pleased, my efford is well payed back for. I´m going to expand in Poland I like it here a lot. Zakopane is a magical place, powerfull, a new dimension in winter tourism. Snowcastle Zakopane (photo)